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Our beef jerky is made the old fashioned way, sliced from lean whole premium top round steak. It is not ground, chopped, processed or formed into strips.

Our jerky is made fresh with no preservatives or MSG added.

Our superior flavor comes from our seasoning and marinating process.

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All Flavors Jr. & Sr. Variety Pack

All Flavors Jr.  & Sr. Variety Pack

Both JR &  SR includes Natural Beef, Black Pepper Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Hot Beef, Sweet and Spicy Beef, Black Pepper Turkey and Teriyaki Turkey, Buffalo, Venison and Wild Boar.

Game Variety Packs (4 to choose)

Game Variety Packs   (4 to choose)

Perfect for the BIG GAME!
1.75 oz each of Buffalo, Wild Boar and Venison 

Add KANGAROO! for ONLY $7 more! (Kangaroo purchased separately is $9.99) and more!

Smoked Rattle Snake

Smoked Rattle Snake

Now here's something different... Smoked Rattle Snake!!!! Try it you will like it! In a meaty broth you just eat right out of the can or pour on a bit of wild rice, or a few ounces of angel hair pasta. My favorite is RATTLE SNAKE CHILI just add a...

Black Pepper Kangaroo Jerky

Black Pepper Kangaroo Jerky

Straight from the outback! Our solid pieces of Kangaroo meat are seasoned with all the right spices with black pepper leading the charge. 100% natural grass fed. 1.75 $9.99